Susan, webcomic Numb


Age: Early thirties
Birthday: 2th of January
Eyes: Grey blue
Height: 166cm/5.4 feet
Hair: Dark brown
Body type: Pear
Occupation: Mathematician
First appearance: Prologue, page 6
Family: Parents. Also Carl as a kind of second father. She considers Amy as her little sister.
Likes: Solving puzzles, coffee, reading, junk food and going out.
Dislikes: Politics, writers-blocks.
Strengths: Intelligent and loyal.
Weaknesses: Tends to hang on things. Gets easily insulted.

Other: Chainsmoker and has problems with alcohol.

"Libraries must hate this woman." -Nikita 


Susan truly cares of the people around her, but she can come off as blunt and cynical. Once you get to know her better, her hard and snarky shell reveals a warm and caring person underneath.

She is a more passive person, who tends to take action with words, but is most comfortable with following from the sidelines. Besides being a smart-ass herself, she is surprisingly think-skinned herself and therefore gets offended easily. She has a strong dislike for people who butt their noses in other peoples business, even though she herself does this often as well. In her defense, Susan does this only when she feels concerned of others or unsure of her own stance.

Logical person down to her roots, she can still handle set-backs in life badly. Susan has many bad habits with alcohol and smoking, and seems to be nonchalant about both it. Susan reads mostly non-fiction books and loves problem solving. She likes facts and real life scenarios, and considers most of fiction and supernatural things as a waste of time.


Relationships with others:

Susan used to be very close friend to Levi, but the two have grown distant. Levi’s secretive nature gets on her nerves, as she feels left out and untrusted, which still hurts her feelings. However, this doesn’t stop her from staying by his side after the accident.

Carl was a major figure in Susan’s life when she was growing up. Her own parents traveled a lot because of work, so Carl would often look after her, becoming kind of a second father to Susan. Nowadays she has started to keep her distance with Carl as well, but still often calls his daughter, Amy. Susan always wanted more siblings, and perhaps she sees Amy in sisterly light, and wants the best for her.


The story so far (spoilers):



Susan, webcomic numb