As a creator of Numb, I cannot stress these guys enough, they are what makes Numb a worthwhile experience for both the readers and me as a creator.
The cast of Numb is small but tight. Find them all here and get to know them more!


““Numb” is a hidden gem found in a world full of crap. The artwork is amazing and the story will leave you wanting more with its great characters.”

-Rocco Sansone


“The glue to the story and art are the characters. They are some of the most relatable, realistic people I’ve seen in fiction with their own unique voices and quirks.”

-Ben Howard, Under the Ink



These guys are the headliners of the story:

Cast of Numb, Levi  Cast of Numb, Susan   Cast of Numb, NikitaCast of Numb, Amy  Cast of Numb, Thief



The wonderful friends and family:

Cast of Numb, Carl Cast of Numb, Theo Cast of Numb, Aster Cast of Numb, Julia