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Birthday: 7th of April                   
Bright blue
Height: 180cm/5.11 feet
Hair: Jet-black
Body type: Triangle, athletic
First appearance: Prologue, page 1.
Family: Father (Kolya), Mother (Annushka).
Likes: Physical challenges, outdoors, being around people.
Dislikes: Passive people, wasting time, doing something he’s bad at, being the only one who doesn’t get the joke.
Strengths: Fast learner and quick witted.
Weaknesses: Bad temperament.
Other: Quick to judge others.


"Is it him? The one on the field?!" -Creatures of the void.


When it comes to dealing with Nikita, what matters most is your first impression, as he is quick you judge upon people. When he has made his mind about something, it’s very difficult to change it. This can go two ways, as he can be extremely loyal and supportive, or cold and indifferent towards others. There seems to be no middle ground with him.

Nikita is easygoing, but his disregard of others can get mixed up with his curiosity and easily bored nature, which can result to some mean spirited and even cruel actions on his part. These acts are of course directed towards those, who he thinks aren’t worth a second thought. However, he has shown a genuine interest towards both Levi and Susan and so far he remains as the only cast member, who has actually read Susan’s book!

Nikita is a quite confident person and not someone, who gets easily bashful or embarrassed about things. He is smooth in social situations and can be very likable when he wants to. His laid-backness comes from his father’s side and his more biting and serious traits from his mother’s.


Relationships with others:

So far, Nikita’s somewhat curious, but overall indifferent towards Levi. As Susan isn’t able to see Nikita, his feelings towards her are limited, but perhaps somewhat sympathetic.

Nikita is hateful towards the Thief.

Nikita loves both of his parents dearly and had a lot of friends growing up. His best friend is Theo, with whom he did a lot of stupid and painfully dangerous antics to ease their boredom. Aside from that, the two are very close, Theo being Nikita’s first friend he made after moving to town. Aster is also a close friend of him, the two get on each others nerves more than often, but at the end of the day, they are fond of each other. Julia is someone who Nikita finds intriguing, but these two aren’t exactly friends. He enjoys bugging her and getting the reaction out of it. From his childhood friend group, one more noteworthy person is Leo, who is someone Nikita genuinely dislikes but tolerates, since Leo gets along with Theo.


The story so far (spoilers):

Coming to the picture with his bad temperament and wicked nature, Nikita won’t talk about himself much.



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