I’m Niina Eveliina

Aspiring comic illustrator from Finland. My aim is to bring you plenty of original content stories and art starting with my my current main project, Numb.

I’m currently MA student in the University of Lapland and my major there is Art Education alongside with minors in animation and visual arts.

My most used mediums are watercolor, pencil and ink. Alongside comics I am self teaching animation to myself and continuously looking for new ways to improve myself and my art. More than anything, I see myself as a storyteller. Comic and animation are the mediums I choose to use to express myself.

If you are interested of seeing more of my work, do check out my portfolio!


Numb got its start in my teenage years. You see, I had a lot of comic ideas that are still waiting in line, but out of all of them, Numb had the visual challenge I wanted to tackle first, but also the characters I had already grew very fond of!

One thing that comes up the most with Numb is the ‘did you really do everything with watercolor?’ -question. The answer is yes. Before starting, I had no idea how to use watercolors and a major fear in overall coloring. I wanted to overcome both of these and what’s a better way than color your own comic, with watercolor! At first it was like pulling teeth, but now it feels unnatural to even think of Numb without it’s colors! The visual side is it’s own character in this comic.

I am proud that this progression is very visible through the comic and you can easily see where I started few years back and how far I’ve gotten. So take it as motivational, if I can make it, you surely can as well!